Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I began this blog a long time ago.  I had a few followers, and they've all since dropped off.  Not because of anything I've said that offended anyone, but because, well, there's no content.  A writer who doesn't write can have a difficult time finding an audience.  So with this in mind, I wanted to relaunch.  No longer is this "The Catholic Lens", but it is now the friendlier title "Steve the Catholic". Here is what I hope to accomplish:

I want to help ease the minds hearts of particularly non-Catholic Christians, and those of other religions such as Buddhism, Paganism etc.  who I think have whole swaths of bad info about the Catholic Christian faith.  The secular media, and our post-Christendom culture have pulled the plug on the tub, and I want to try to save the baby, before it disappears with the bath water.

So let's have a dialog, whoever you may be.  Whatever religion you are, or even if you have no religion whatsoever.  Please let me know why you are not a Christian.  And if you ARE a Christian, then let me know why you're not either a Roman Catholic, Eastern Catholic, or Eastern Orthodox adherent.  What is holding you back?  You can comment publically here on the blog, by commenting on a post of mine, or, if you'd rather have some anonymity then please E-mail me your post, comment etc. at  I will answer you by E-mail, and will always keep you anonymous, however I may use your questions and my answers for future posts, with all personal information redacted.  So this is the kick off post for a whole new direction for old dusty blog.

Let's talk,

The coffee is always brewing.............................................

The peace of the Lord be with you,


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